News Alert: publication and prizes

My poem, “A Shorthand Note for Alex,” has been published by the Maryland Writers Association (MWA) in its new anthology, Life in Me Like Grass on Fire, edited by Laura Shovan and released on April 2, 2011, at the association’s annual conference in Baltimore.

Here is my poem, from page 16 of the anthology:

A Shorthand Note for Alex

Dear Sir:  this steno’s shibboleth
retrieves his brief, slender form;
Alex, my friend ripped from studies

in the banter years of boys confused
but captive to coy female eyes.
We entered class in perfumed air

as naive males, two isolated boys
growing in stature, growing familiar
with 15 girls decoding Gregg

and framing flirtatious gambits.
Alex died, and left me shorthand notes,
graceful curves he’d chased in class.

Could I revise, I’d frame a “Dear Sir” plea
to have him live my trials of afternoons
in shorthand stalled, in ecstasies begun.

The anthology can be ordered at the Maryland Writers Web site,

In addition, I have been awarded both first and second place in the MWA’s Short Works Poetry contest for 2011.  “Elegy for a Newfoundland Cousin”  won first place, and “Boys Learning to Swim Naked” was awarded second place. Neither of these prize-winners has yet been published.

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