Faith Quandary

By Allan Roy Andrews

Peter repented and received
keys to the kingdom;
Thomas believed when offered
the test of wounded flesh;
But Judas stands abandoned, left
holding the accusing sop.

He threw a silver bribe
at the feet of murderers,
and they laughed at him.
I hear even disciples
laughing at Iscariot as well
(and he about to hang himself).

Don’t bedazzle me
with manifest theory
or predestiny doubletalk.
A disciple has fallen;
a believer turned traitor;
a lamb is lost and never found.

I know of cowardice
in discipleship.  I’m craven
when it comes to following.
I like to think Jesus
had forgiven Judas
when he hanged himself.

*Originally published in Theology Today,
January 2002, Vol. 58, No. 4., page 573.

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